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Elizabeth Eden

Major in Fine Arts University of Oklahoma and Tulsa University.

Portraiture studies with Jay O' Meilia. All other mediums were studied in various courses. Mostly private and self-taught. Avocation in painting since childhood. Professionally since 1980. Now using, only, oil painting regularly each day.

Art portfolio consists of approximately seventy-five oils.

Interpretations of Impressionists and Post Impressionists, all Original. Plus my own Originals. Selling in California, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma.

A sizable art collection of Native American Paintings dating back thirty-five years.
Three more paintings in the 1930's were inherited. These paintings include Rance Hood, Archie Blackowl, Bluejay and others; and One Macioni. All in Elizabeth's favorite art collection. Please inquire as to sales price.

I am still trying to master "The Masters " each day.

A More Personal Biography

Elizabeth’s dream was always a place like Sedona.

She made her art name Eden as she felt she was truly in Eden—Sedona, when she arrived. Living on ranches since the age of three, and riding horses her entire life, made visual observing a real factor to her painting. From the time she learned to write she also sketched. After many grade school/junior/high school teachers, she evolved doing all the mediums. Studying at Philbrook Museum/with guest and resident art teachers (Jay O’Meilia being one of many). Also viewing how Dr. Carl W. Lindstrom painted the masters. All Tulsa, Oklahoma residents. She has always been inspired by beauty. Tulsa being a little Beverly Hills.

Marriage at 18 took away her surge; but other interests paralleled her main art interest, rather mellowing, ideas all the time. In 1980, her only two sons left the nest leaving her with three canvases to start up her career, once again. The last 22 years have been rather diligently “mastering the masters.”

She had the opportunity to come to Sedona in 1990. The gallery trips were quite distracting and bewildering to someone who was so informed from Tulsa with the Thomas Gilcrease Museum and Philbrook Museum. Meeting Mr. Gilcrease personally and knowing his daughter Des Cygne. The protocol in Sedona was quite different and most difficult to understand. After going to all the galleries, and being made one subservient offer by one of the more renowned gallery owners---she just continued to paint.

She has a Grand Canyon study---to do---and working with other places to paint in Arizona. Whatever might “come to mind”--as her spirit is free and virtually she is self-taught, as she remembers reading about Georgia O’Keefe who said, “It took me five years to unlearn what I was taught in college.” She has never been instructed in oils. One New Age person, on viewing her art said, “The masters are channeling through your art.” That gave her quite a chuckle.

Mostly painting five hours a day for 19 years. Now she is on the “time-clock” and has slowed a bit---as she is an avid reader and gardener involving herself in the newspapers in Sedona and playing with her beautiful dog “Doc” who has now since passed away after, a long life of, 15 years. She still has her beloved husband of 50 years. Her beautiful large home is her studio, gorgeous oil paintings along with her art collection, adorn the walls. Now her true stage will show, “exhibition” by the World Wide Web---APPLAUSE ONLY now.

Please enjoy viewing her lovely website “”.

Elizabeth can be reached at :

Elizabeth Eden """""


All of Elizabeth Eden's Gallery paintings are original oils on canvas. All Indian paintings are originals: The Rance Hood's are when Rance was 19±. The Archie Blackowls circa 1932-36.



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