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Preserving America's and Colorado's Carousels Legacy

"Chief's Pride"

Pueblo Co. Carousel at turn of the Century Early 1900's
Lake Minnequa Amusement  Park Carousel, Pueblo Colorado Circa 1920,
now at Pueblo City Park, Photo Courtesy of George Williams.

For every child and  the children of all ages who have ridden carousels it is difficult to forget the exhilarating experience of having taken a whirling  ride within a menagerie of animals moving in unison to music generated by brass instruments  and pipe organs.

Life before the Carousel ride was pure sense deprivation by comparison to the experience a well oiled carousel gave us.

The carousel experience may have engendered the fantasy of being Saint George ready to slay a dragon or of being a cowboy in the countryside riding hard and burning leather, however those of us who have ridden a carousel have been fortunate enough to have had our senses stimulated and our  minds set free in the realm of the imaginary only to experience  flights of fantasy through the worlds of history and mythology.

The artistry imbued in the carousel has been the catalyst and stimulus for innumerable flights of fancy never to be completely forgotten.

Carousels are more than spinning platforms moving to melodic brass  and organ music, to ride a carousel literally becomes an intoxicating  magic carpet ride into the world of fantasy where a person's heart and mind can truly meet spirit.

Carousels are magic Carpet Rides
The Magic Carpet Ride

Denztel Carousel at Venice Beach California,
a carousel treasure lost in the 1924 Pier Fire

The Industrial revolution of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the  artistic heritage brought to Rural America from Europe  spawned an era in which  Carousels became an enriched artistic expression and the creative synthesis of the mechanical, musical and artistic influences a truly new era of art history.

The accelerated development of everything mechanical in the early 20th Century combined with art and music created the golden era of Carousels never to be forgotten by those who have experienced the thrill of a Magic Carpet Ride.

Bronze Sculpture of Carousel Horse at Childrens Library Pueblo Co.
Bronze Replica of Pueblo's City Park Carousel Third Row Jumper,
by C.W. Parker Carousels Leavenworth Kansas. 

Located at Children's Museum Pueblo Colorado, Donated in Memory of  Evelyn Lucille "Seal" Williams, art work  by Will Morton and Boyce Bronze Casting  year 2000. Photograph  by Ione Miller from "Pueblo an Illustrated History" By Eleanor Fry and Ione Miller

C. W. Parker Jumper
The Bronze Sculpture was modeled after a third Row Jumper on the
Pueblo Carousel similar to this C. W. Parker Jumper in the process of
Restoration at the C.W. Parker Carousel museum in Leavenworth Kansas

Bronze Sculpture of Carousel Horse
Chief's Pride Bronze Replica of a C. W. Parker Third Row 
Jumper Commissioned By Valerie Murphy  2002

To Purchase this item please contact

Comstock Sculpture Studio
1201 West Thornton Parkway #313
Thornton C0. 80260 
Telephone (303) 657 9778


This carousel horse is of the Jumper Theme which traces its  artistic origins to a style of English Painting from the Early 19th century. The pose and attitude of the horse was copied from these paintings depicting English Jumpers. The Classical origins of this style can be meaningfully linked in art history to the English artist George Stubbs.

For costs and details of how to purchase a similar sculpture click on the links provided in the color photographs. 

Details of Bronze Sculpture

The story  of the Pueblo Colorado community efforts to conserve the heritage represented by the Lake Minnequa Amusement  Park Carousel can be closely linked to the efforts of George Williams and Colorado artist Will Morton. 


 Carousels Themes

Many themes were used within the art of the carousel some selected favorites are, Menageries,  The Wild West, Chariots, Mythology and Romance

Scythian Warriors

Ancient mythological themes often frequent carousel art as mankind's association with the horse seems to be ageless. Above Scythians going into combat with their horses decorated as Sacred Ibex, from a Greek attic pottery design dating to 550 BCE, reflects this ancient association. Scenes like this from other myths and stories inspired numerous designs.

English Jumpers

George Stubbs, ' Whistlejacket' , 1762. London, National Gallery and " Lady Lade" 1793. Oil on canvas. Royal Collection, UK

This theme was a favorite of many carvers and the direct inspiration for the C.W. Parker jumper.

Bronze Sculpture of Carousel Horse


16th Century Knight in Armor
Knights and Maidens

Knights Horse Photograph From "Painted Ponies" see credits below.

 This horse is patterned after those that carried 16th Century Knights in Armour. This is what the horse of Joan of Ark, the Maid of Lorraine may have looked like.

Horses for carousels
Joan of Arc's horse

An officer of Napoleon's Royal Guard
An officer of Napoleon's Royal Guard

Cavalry Horse
French Cavalry Horse patterned after painting By Theodore Gericault of French Cavalry Officer Circa 1812, Carousel horse Photograph by William Manns From "Painted Ponies" By  William Manns, Peggy Shank, Marianne Stevens (Contributor), Dru Riley (Editor)


Marianne Stevens began collecting carousel art over 40 years ago.  She first fell in love with the carousels of Coney Island. She is a leading authority on carousel art and its history, and was a founding member of the American Carousel Society and National Carousel Association.

Painted Ponies

Recommended Reading:

Painted Ponies can be purchased on line at Barnes and Noble or

Click on the links provided below for information on the Video Production about Colorado's Historic Carousel's

Colorado's Historic Carousels

About the Bronze Art

The C. W. Parker Jumper replica sculpture illustrated on this page was created  by Colorado artist Will Morton, Mold Making by Highland Studio,  cast at Boyce Bronze Casting,  with the Custom Graphics, ( Murphy Coat of Arms, Monograms and Columbines) bronze finish work and polychrome Patina done By Comstock Sculpture Studio, and decorative reins done by seamstress Cathleen Lish becoming an artistic collaboration of outstanding beauty.

Will Morton  has spent  27 years of his career involved with the restorations of various carousels throughout Colorado.

The art is entitled "Chief's Pride" in honor of George Williams whose career of public service in Pueblo and whose association with the Colorado Carousel Association  and the American Carousel Association has been instrumental in the restoration  of carousels in Colorado.

NOTE: Bronze sculptures have an expected useful life of approximately 6,000 years, this collectors item is truly a legacy for the ages.

For information about how to purcahse the art Call: (303) 657 9778   Studio: (720) 351 8864  or E-mail:


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