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Replicating the Ship of State Menorahs for the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel:

 Ship of State Menorah" U.S. Air Force Academy  Chapel
" Ship of State Menorah"
U.S. Air Force Academy

The Reproduction and Preservation of a Historically Important Art Work for the National Archives.

The Alter in the Chapel of Air Force Academy thematically carries the symbolic and metaphorical motif of the Ship of State. To the credit of the designers and architects for the building this motif is carefully reflected in the travertine alter and is echoed by repeating the design in the two Menorahs placed on either side of the alter.

The Ship Of State theme and its placement at the heart of the Chapel structure is a sober reminder of the relationship the spiritual health of the cadets and future leaders of  the Air force has to the well being of the nation.

Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

The Background Story

After nearly fifty years of use the candelabras in the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel were suffering from constant wear. The use of candles in the fixtures was causing some damage to the tiles on the wall of the divider and alter backdrop in the main chapel due to the deposit to soot and wax fumes from the burning candles in the menorahs. The gold and silver plated finishes of the  Menorah's themselves had been damaged by the constant scraping to remove the wax from the Menorahs deposited on them by the melting candles. The Menorah's and their setting were showing the effects of time and wear from constant use.

 Someone had expressed the desire to resolve the ongoing problem of soot damage and continual maintenance to the building by changing the Menorah's to electrified lighting fixtures. It was determined the appropriate steps to be taken were to upgrade the menorahs to electrical fixtures and replace the original fixtures storing the original Menorahs in an archive as historically important  works of art.

By careful examination of the above photograph of the Chapel you can see the evidence of the effects of the soot from the candles above the candelabras on the backdrop for the alter.

In the attempt made  by the Academy to find someone to create  the Ship of State Menorah's the talent search eventually lead to Comstock Sculpture Studio and a contract was let to have the Menorahs replicated and prepared as  electric fixtures.

The production contract was let to Comstock Sculpture  Studio on the 4th of March, 2002  by Neosource the art of Imagination  with delivery of the New Menorahs expected by the middle of May 2002.

Most of the materials for the project were puchased from Atlas Metal Sales of Denver Co.

Alter at the U. S. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

These photographs of the new menorahs were taken
at the Air Force Academy on June,14th 2002.

Menorah Close-Up

Footnote: The Menorahs were completed on May 16 and the
installation made to the Chapel on Friday May17, 2002

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Comstock Sculpture Studio
1201 West Thornton Parkway #313
Thornton C0. 80260 
Telephone (303) 657 9778


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