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Co_Founder of the Jesuit Order and Missionary to Japan
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Early Years

Ships of Antiquity: Ancient Ships Web

  Egyptian Pre-dynastic Ships 4000-3200BCE 
  ceremonialboat2_s.jpg Ceremonial Vessels Egyptian 2500 BCE-1200 BCE
  The boats and ships of Ancient Egypt
  The Solar Barque of Kufu 2500BCE
  Merchant Ships of the 2nd and 1st Millennia BCE
  Hapshepsutís expedition to Punt
  Invasions of the Sea Peoples Twelfth Century BCE
  Warship Egyptian Galleons 1200 BCE  
  Solomonís Navy 1000 BCE  
  Ships of Antiquity Ancient Greeks War Ships
  Ancient Greeks
  Roman Galleys During First Triumphriate
  Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra Ships and Galleys
  Voyages in The age of Discovery

The life and times of St. Francis Xavier, 1512- 1552
Page: 1

Xavier meets Otomo Sorin the King of Bungo,1550
Page: 2

William Adams arrives in Japan, 1600
Page: 3

The Epic Journey of Hasekura Tsunenaga, 1613-1620
Page: 4


Ancient Ships

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    Comstock Sculpture Studio



Note to readers: 

The research and production of the ancient ships web was done as an ancillary activity by Comstock Sculpture Studio and as part of the background studies in preparation for creating a concept of what the Ark of the Covenant may have looked like. For further explanation see the introduction to the Ancient Ships web. Due to my research and study I concluded the Ark was probably an archetype of many of the Egyptian Funerary Shrines which also often carried the spiritual laws from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The tradition of enshrining spiritual law can be traced to as early as the Building of the Stepped Pyramid. 1000 thousand years after the building of the Stepped Pyramid during the time the Hebrews Exodus Period this tradition had been fully transformed into the papyri of Egyptian Book of the Dead. Moses would have been familiar with this tradition due to being raised in the House of Pharaoh. The Ten Commandments also appear to be a subset and simplification of the spiritual laws outlined in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

—Chester Comstock, 2002



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