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Selected Articles on Topics of interest in Art History,from 4000 BCE to the Present

Indians hunting Buffalo

A classical theme of the romantic west, Catlin, Bodmer, Miller, Kane, Bierstadt and other artists depict their view of the Event

Ancient Ships

A chronological study of the development of seafaring technologies in the Ancient world from 4000 BCE, prehistory until the 17th Century
James I of England and his personal correspondence with Tokugawa Ieyasu
The rulers of England and Japan exchanged personal correspondence by couriers sent half way around the world in the early 17th century
The 16th Century the first 100 years of the Globalization of trade The story of the patron saint of Christian missions to Asia and Japan is set in a historical background the richness of which few have understood or fully appreciated.
The life and times of Hosokawa Tadaoki (1564-1645)
A warrior and teamaster,one of the great players of the Sengoku Period of Japan
William Adams arrives in Japan, 1600
It was William Adams fate to become one of the chief advisors to the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in his dealings with the European powers.

Ark of the Covenant

An analysis of the likely appearance of the Ark of the Covenant. This study is based on on art history from the Chronological time and place of the Hebrew Exodus as described in the Biblical Exodus account.

Timeline of the Hebrew Sojourn Superimposed on a
Chronology of The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

Information on this page is organized in a chart for easy comparison of the Julian calendar against the genealogical histories of the Hebrews
Nubia Land of Gold
This article addresses the question, was Nubia, Egypt's ancient ally the source of the gold used in the ark of the covenant?

Golf History

A brief account of the life of Mary Queen of Scots and her association with the early beginnings of the sport of Golf.

China Exhibit of Living American Artists 1981

Exotic Fancy Goldfish
A brief description of the Early history of the development of Goldfishes in China

Kanayama discusses Sukashi Tsuba

Collector of Japanese antiquities discusses the manufacture and design in Japanese Tsuba.

American History of Carousel art, Preserving America's Carousel Heritage

American History of  the Carousel
"The American History of Carousel Art" was a phenomena of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries . This article shows some of the historic art that directly influenced the carousel carvers and displays a bronze carousel horse created in the same tradition.

American History of Prairie Settlement

Images from American History of the Prairie settlement
The American History of the settlement of the plains states and conversion of the prairies to farm lands is an untold story of heroic proportions. This article shows in detail images from the early settlement years.
Joachim and Boaz
Solomon's Temple olomon's Temple
A description of the Columns installed at the Temple of Solomon, the eleventh wonder of the Ancient World.

Bronze Age Weapons

Bronze Age DaggersBronze Age DaggersBronze Age Daggers
A Selection of Bronze age weapons crafted in various cultures from early bronze age to early iron age.

Earl Waggoner

Earl Waggoner (1916-1990) took these photographs of Navajo Indians culture in 1958 on the Navajo Indian

An Angelic Journey Through Time

A Chronological Study of the development of Angel images in art history

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