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John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil

Buck O' neil is truly a person with many bright and lustrous facets. During the course his illustrious career O'Neil rose to the top of his profession whether he was called on to be a player, coach, scout, historian or an ambassador and spokesman representing Negro baseball. The people who have had the privilege of knowing Buck O'Neil testify to his truly charismatic personality.

"Buck" O'neil at Coors Field in Denver Co.

Buck O'neil was born November 13, 1911 in Carrabelle, Florida. O'Neil was born into a fully segregated south at a time when Americans of African decent did not have equal opportunity and freedom of movement among their white contemporaries. From this humble beginning O'Neil has forged a career that has seen him become a pioneer in breaking down racial barriers in professional athletics as well as in politics and in Corporate America.

Sometimes it is hard for young people to understand that the very adversities that one experiences are the same opportunities given to an individual to build character and substance, however if there is an example and witness to encourage someone to believe that this can be true it is the personality and character of Buck O'Neil.

Along with his charismatic personality Buck O'Neil has been an overcomer and achiever despite the circumstances in which he found himself, always setting an excellent example by maintaining a positive outlook and making the best of whatever circumstances and problems have faced him.

It is hard to imagine what a persons life time might bring to them but history tells us that when good men are thrown into adversity and tested the cream rises to the top and Buck O'neil is definitely the proverbial cream of the crop of those who played in the Negro Leagues of American Baseball. Buck's career as player saw him playing with the best of the Negro League teams including the 1938 Kansas City Monarchs. He became the Monarchs player/manager in 1948 and remained with the team until 1955.

Good friends Christine Johnson, "Buck" O'Neil,
Jay Sanford, and Byron Johnson in Denver Co.

In 1956 Buck became a scout for the Major Leagues Chicago Cubs and was on the cutting edge of assisting talented black players to get a foothold in the Major Leagues. Buck was the first African American to Coach a Major league baseball team by becoming a coach for the Chicago Cubs in 1962 and he was personally responsible for bringing the talents of, Ernie Banks and Lou Brock into Major League Baseball.

"Buck" O'Neil Addresses an audience in Denver Co.


Ken Burns the American cinematographer and historian ask Buck O'Neil to assist him with the history of the Negro Leagues for his PBS documentary on American baseball and Buck's performance and commentaries on Negro League Baseball became one of the best segments of the program.

Ken Burns at Coors Field in Denver during its construction

Buck O"Neil is currently doing guest appearances as a speaker and is the Chairman of the Board at the Negro League Museum at 1616 East 18th Street Kansas City, MO. Buck has also served on the Baseball Hall Of Fame Veterans Committee.


Hitter's Hands of the great Negro League Player John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil
See recent article on exhibit "Shades of Greatness"

This art work is currently touring the nation in an exhibit
"Shades of Greatness"

sponsored by the Negro League Museum:

For collector's of Baseball Memorabilia, do not miss the opportunity to add this
"Legend of Baseball" to your collection by contacting
Hitter's Hands

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