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The Noble House Gallery

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"Gold Fish Bowl"

 7H X 9W X 9" D

Price $1000.00

Butterfly Golfish Inspired by "Exhibit of Living American Atistis"
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Gold Butterfly Fantail

  7"L x 4"H x 4"D

Price $150.00

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Gold Butterfly Fantail

7"L x 4"H x 4"D

Price $250.00

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Gold Telescope Fantail

7"L x 4"H x 4"D

Price $150.00

Gold Butterfly and Veil Tailed Goldfish
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Gold Butterfly and Veil Tailed

19"L x 10"H x 6'D

Price $150.00  

fancy goldfish
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Gold Telescope and  Butterfly Fantail

 9L X10H X 6" D

Price $350.00 

Exhibit of Living American Artists Beijing China 1981
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Gold Triple Veil, Butterfly and Fan Tailed Fishes

14"H x 10"w x 10" D

Price $650.00 

"Gold Fish Bowl"

7"H x 9"W x 9"D

Price: $1000.00

"The Noble House Gallery"  

is a special offering from Our sales staff is prepared to help you with your inquiries please feel free to contact us at:

In 1981 Chester Comstock was one of only 59 American artists selected to exhibit his work in the Great Hall Exhibition Center located in Beijing China.  This exhibit was organized as part of an art and cultural exchange titled:

"The Exhibition of Living American Artists"

"The Noble House Gallery"

of fine bronze sculptures are inspired by the art and history of China. The first in the series of the fine bronze sculptures offered are designs of GoldfishIn the Chinese historic tradition the Goldfish  is the symbol of peace, tranquility, good will and good fortune.

The breeding of Goldfish first began in China during the Ming dynasty in approximately 1400 AD when breeding stock was imported to China from the Ryukyu Islands.  The highly valued breeding stock was a diplomatic gift made to the Rulers of the Ming Dynasty by the rulers of Japan. The good will represented by the diplomatic gift of the first breeding stock is at the root of the meaning of the goldfish symbology in Chinese art.

The great variety of Fancy Goldfish that currently exist in China started primarily with the fish from this first stock. Both Japan and China have selectively bred different varieties of gold fishes from the 14th century to the present. The numerousvarieties and distribution of the descendants of this earliest breeding stock is now a trade of international and global proportions.

Our designs are made to capture the beauty and variety of these Fancy Goldfish.  These sculptures are part of a collectors series which will be added to over the coming years.  The sculptures offered in the series are designed specifically for collectors who can appreciate the finest of modern bronze sculpture.

These sculptures represent the perfect gift of enduring value that you can make to friends, family and business associates. The history and symbol behind these designs has been carefully considered in order to honor and preserve the meaning of diplomacy and gift giving.

Mr. Comstock's designs are always distinctive and the embody the best values of classical design creating a distinctive accent to any home or office.

Chester Comstock  The artist who created these sculptures is considered to be one of America's premiere sculptors.  Many of Chester's sculptures have been recognized as collectors items with extremely favorable comparative appraisals by members of the ASA (American Society of Appraisers), AAA and ISA.  Mr. Comstock's sculptures individually have had values placed well into the tens of thousands of dollars.  The serious collector realizes that a Comstock sculpture is a classic example of American art which will only increase in value over time.

We are pleased to be able to offer Mr. Comstock's latest designs to a selected audience. 

Each sculpture will carry the distinctive logo of 

"The Noble House Gallery" 

 a foundry mark, Mr. Comstock's signature and the date of manufacture.

To create a reservation simply indicate which sculpture you would like to purchase and return an e-Mail to our sales staff. There is no financial obligation required to create a reservation it is simply an expression of your interest to acquire one the products being offered. Your reservation will insure that our sales staff will be in personal contact with you to complete your transaction.

"The Noble House Gallery" 

to place orders by e-mail 

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