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Earl Waggoner
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Chester Comstock

Bronzes by a master of the craft
For over 35 years, Chester Comstock has created marvelous lifelike bird and wildlife sculpture.

Leo Bryant

Images of early America
Leo has been creating art for thirty years and has developed his own style which he calls Early American

Tim Hinz

Ecclesiastical Art, Christian Iconography and Symbolism:
Tim Hinz has sccessfully executed over 350 commissions for Churches throughout the United States. Hinz Fine Art offers a selection of fine Jewelry

Raelee Frazier

Sports Memorabilia  in bronze
Life casting of inspiring people and famous sports achievers.

Bill Tyree

American Prarie Settlement
Tyree Design is the sculpture studio dedicated to sculptural design.

Alonzo Clemons, Prodigious Savant a real life rainman

Savant artist creates  beautiful bronzes
Studio of Prodigious Savant Alonzo Clemons

Elizabeth Eden

Impressionist Painter

Earl Waggoner

Life of the Navajo in the 1950's
Earl Waggoner (1916-1990) took these photographs of Navajo Indians culture in 1958 on the Navajo Indian
Oleg Stavrowsky Master Illustrator and story teller of the American West Oleg Stavrowsky is a realist painter of the contemporary and the historic West.

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