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Sukashi Tsuba

Francis Xavier
Co_Founder of the Jesuit Order and Missionary to Japan
Mission to Japan
Francis Xavier
Travels in Japan

James I
King of Engalnd

William Adams
Arrives in Japoan

History of Golf
Mary Queen of Scots


Article: Angelic
Journey In Time

Time Line of important events in Japan leading up to and during Hosokawa Toadoki's life span

1522--Yoshiro (Referred to Sen Soueki and Sen No Rikyu) Born
1534--Oda Nobunaga Born
1534--Hosokawa Fujitaka Born
1536--Toyotomi Hideyoshi Born
1543--Portuguese arrive in Japan
1543--Tokogawa Ieyasu Born
1543--44 Furuta Oribe Born
1546--Kuroda Yoshitaka (Josui) Christian name Don Simeon born
1548--First use of firearms by Japanese at battle of Uedahara
1549--Jesuit Francis Xavier arrives in Japan
1551--Cespedes Born

1552--Oda Nobunaga begins rule of Oda Diaymo in Owari
1552--Dom Justo Takayama born
1558-- Hon'ami Koetsu born

1564--Hosokawa Tadaoki Born
1565 --Manila-Acapulco galleons service was inaugurated
1568--Oda Nobunaga starts the Unification of Japan
1568--Kuroda Nagamasa born
1573--Muramachi period ends Azuchi-Momoyama begins
1573--Alessandro Valignano
appointed "Visitor of the East Indies"
1575--Battle of Nagashino changes nature of warfare in Japan
Gregorio de Cespedes S.J. arrives in Japan
1578--Marriage of Tadaoki to Akechi Tama
1579--Tadaoki's first Military Campaign age 15
Alessandro Valignano July 25 first visit to Kuchinotsu Japan
1580--Alessandro Valignano establshes seminary in Arima
1580--Hosokawa Fujitaka (Yusai) awarded Tango Province
Alessandro Valignano meets Oda Nobunaga

1582--Alessandro Valignano establshes seminary at Azuchi
1582--Oda Nobunaga assassinated
1582--Otomo Sorin sends Japanese Christian delegation to Rome
1582--Battle of Yamazaki, Toyotomi Hideyoshi comes to power
1585--First use of firearms in a Naval battle by Japanese
1585--Tintereto paid 35 Ecu to paint Sorin's Delegation to Rome
1586--Hosokawa Tadatoshi Born
Tama is baptized and becomes Gracia
1587--Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony
1587--Hideyoshi issues first edict expelling Christian missionaries

1590--Seige of Odawara solidifies Toyotomi Hideyoshi's power
1590--Otomo Sorin's Japanese mission to Rome returns to Japan

1591--Sen No Rikyu ordered by Hideyoshi to do seppuku
1592--Korea invaded by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
1595--Hydeoshi orders Hidetsugu's seppuku and kills his family
1596--San Felipe runs aground cargo confiscated by Hideyoshi
1597-- Execution of 26 Christian Martyrs at Nagasaki
1598--Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies
1598--Korean Campaign ends
1600--William Adams arrives in Japan
1600--Sekigahara, Tokugawa Ieyasu comes to power, Gracia killed
1601-- Hosokawa awarded Buzen Province
Azuchi-Momoyama period ends Edo period Begins
Alessandro Valignano leaves Japan for last time

1605--Tokugawa Ieyasu retires
Alessandro Valignano dies, January 2o
1610--Incedent of the Madre De Deus
1610-- Hosokawa Fujitaka Dies
1611-- Tadaoki's Christian/European mentor Gregorio de Cespedes S.J. dies in Kokura
1612--Rodriquez the Interpreter banished from Japan
1612-- Musashi Miyamoto's duel of Ganryushima
1613-20--Hasekura Tsunenaga retainer of Date Masamune leads Japanese delegation to Mexico and Europe
1613-- The prohibition of Christianity and expulsion of foreign missionaries
1615--Hasekura Tsunenaga arrives in Rome
1614-15-- Osaka Campaign against Western powers and fall of the Toytomi family
1615-- Futura Oribe ordered to commit seppuku
1615-- Dom Justo, Takayama Ukon dies in excile in Manilla
1616--Tokugawa Ieyasu dies
1620--Hasekura Tsunenaga returns from European mission
1622--Hasekura Tsunenaga Dies
1624--Spanish Expelled from Japan

1632--The Hosokawa are awarded Higo Province
1633--Iemitsu forbids traveling abroad
1637--Hon'ami Koetsu dies
1637-38--Shimabara Rebellion (Christian lead revolt)
1638--Portugese expelled from Japan
1639--foreign trade limited to the Chinese and Dutch factories
1640--Musashi Miyamoto becomes a resident at Kumamoto Castle
1641--Tadatoshi Hosokawa Dies
1645--Todaoki Hosokawa Dies
1645--Miyamoto Musashi Dies


Time Line of important events in Europe and the New World just prior to and coincidental
with Hosokawa Toadoki's life span

Prior to:

1500-1558--Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
1503-1566-- Life Span of Nostradamus
1520--French send 60-90 ships to New World Fisheries each year
1521-- Hernan Cortés conquers Aztec Empire
1522--Magellan circumnavigates globe
Knights of Saint John ousted by Ottomans from Rhodes.
1530-1600--Basque and French fishermen and whalers exploit Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries for cod and whale products
1533-- Atahualpa, the last Inca emperor killed by Pizarro
1535-- Henry VIII makes himself head of English Church
1535--The Trial of Sir Thomas More
1536--Desiderius Erasmus dies
1539-42--Desoto Explores America from Florida to Texas
1540--Ignatius Loyola founds the Society of Jesus
1541--Francis Xavier leaves Portugal for India
1542--Mary Queen of Scotts Born
--Copernicus publishes heliocentric theory and dies
1543--Portuguese arrive in Japan
1547--Francis I of France dies from injuries in a joust
1547--Henry VIII dies
1547--Miguel de Cervantes born
1549--Francis Xavier arrives in Japan
1550--Mary Queen of Scotts goes to French Court for education
1552--Ivan the Terrible becomes first "Czar" of Russia
1552--Francis Xavier dies attempting to enter China
1556-- Nostradamus
gains patronage of Catherine Medici
1558--Queen Elizabeth I ascends to throne Of England
1558--Charles V Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, ruler of the Burgundian territories dies
1559--John Knox begins protestant reformation in Scotland
1562--John Hawkins starts English slave trade to New World
1563--Great Plague of London, outbreak of Bubonic Plague 80,000 die in England

The Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Turks war continuously for dominence in Europe and Mediterranean during this period

Coincidental with:
1564--Hosokawa Tadaoki
is born

1564--William Shakespeare is born
1565--St. Augustine Florida established as a settlement
1565--Ottoman Siege of Malta, fails
1566--Nostradamus dies
1568--Protestant Netherlands revolts against Catholic Spain
1568--Mary Queen of Scotts enters exile in England
1571--Holy League formed by Catholic maritime states 25 May
1571--Don Juan de Austria leads Battle of Lepanto on 7 October
1571--Venice loses Cyprus to Ottomans
1571--Manila was first founded in June 24, 1571
1572-- St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre against Huguenots
--Titian died
1577--1580 Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates globe for England
1582--Gregorian Calender introduced by Pope Gregory XIII
1584--Sir Walter Raleigh sends colonists to Roanoke Island
1587--Mary Queen of Scotts Executed
1588--Spanish Armada launched
1588--Venitian painter Paolo Veronese dies
1593-1606--war between Habsburgs and Ottoman Empire
1595--Shakespeare's career in full bloom
1597--Tinteretto dies
1600--British East India Company Chartered By Elizabeth I
1600--Peter Paul Rubens Begins Painting Career
1600--First Performance of Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar
1602--Dutch, United East Indies Company founded
1603--James Ist of England unifies Scotland and England
1604--First Performance of Shakespeare's King Lear
1605--Cervantes publishes Don Quixote
1605--Guy Fawkes Rebellion
1607-- Jamestown Virginia was founded
1607--Sante Fe New Mexico first settled
1609-11--Henry Hudson looks for Northwest Passage
1610--Sante Fe New Mexico formally founded
1611--Frans Hals (1580 - 1666) begins painting career
1611--King James version of the Bible published
1614--El Greco Dies
1615--Galileo Galilei first brought before inquisition
1615--Van Dyck Begins art career
1616--April 23, William Shakespeare & Miguel de Cervantes die
1618-- Frans Hals (1580 - 1666) begins painting career
1618--Velázquez begins painting career
1620--The Pilgrims found Plymouth Colony
1621--The Dutch West Indies Company is chartered.
1621-1630-- Peter Paul Rubens paints for the Spanish Habsburgs
Velázquez appointed court painter to Philip IV in Madrid.
1625--King James I of England dies, Charles I becomes King
1626--New York city founded by the Dutch
1626--Rembrandt Van Rijn Begins painting career
1632--Van Dyck appointed court painter to Charles I Of England
1633--Construction of Tahj Mahal begun
1636--Harvard College was founded by Massachusetts Bay Colony
1638--Louise XIV born
1640--Peter Paul Rubens dies
1641--Van Dyck Dies
1642-1649--English civil war
1643--New Zealand discovered by Dutch
1643-- Louise XIV becomes king of France (1643-1715)
1644--Ming Dynasty effectively ends in China after 275 years
1645--Cromwell made Lieutenant-General in English civil war
1646--Hosokawa Tadaoki
1649--Charles I of England executed

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